Digital Marketing in 2022
There’s no doubt that 2022 carried over many of the profound changes that occurred in the past 2 years due to the onset of the pandemic. Yet, the year still looks hopeful and with lots to offer in terms of new insights and better reach.
Check out these digital marketing trends that have been prevalent in 2022.

Growth in influencer marketing
In 2022 there has been a  significant growth in influencer marketing.
Most global marketing professionals have invested in influencer marketing making it their top investment.That includes spending more on it over mobile web design or the use of short-form video marketing.
It’s estimated that 57 percent of marketing experts are using this type of marketing in a way that has proven effective , 46 percent plan to up how much they are spending on it  and 11 percent say that influencer marketing is their highest ROI producer.

Viral Gorrrila is dedicated to helping organizations navigate their digital marketing in 2023 and provide effective solutions. 

Investment in online events
Another big turn for 2022 has  been the need for marketers to focus on online events which includes educational tools like seminars and webinars that have played a big role in product launches as the pandemic continued to limit big in-person events.
These events are now valuable not just for strict advertising but also because they offer an excellent way to collect data that can be used for better marketing. That data helps to build consumer profiles that help brands to sell to customers later.
Increased use of content across more channels and methods
There has been  a stronger demand for content creation in 2022. This has resulted in a greater range of content types which includes use of voice, video, and visual content. Digital marketers have used these new ways to tell stories that connect with consumers who are looking for both information and value in anything they listen to, watch, or read.
Social media networks growth
Today, many companies put a lot of their marketing energy into building a following on social media networks. That has proven valuable and has provided a solid return.
In 2022 most brands have used these networks and now have their own audience. This has enabled them to connect with and communicate with their audience in a more authentic manner. It has also enabled them to build a marketing strategy and given them the  ability to gauge interest and data as well.

Mobile optimization has become a must have
Many organizations have moved to mobile optimization in the last two years as a result of the pandemic. According to some reports, more than half of online website traffic each year comes from mobile devices. Mobile-optimized digital experiences have been quite important because millennials and Gen Z have grown in their buying power in 2022.
What to look forward to in 2023
In 2023 digital marketers should expect the following trends;

SEO in digital marketing
To get ahead it will be very important for digital marketers  to  know all the latest updates in SEO. Above easy and understandable content, search engine algorithms give value to relevance and quality. 

Graphics is the way to go
Graphic design holds significant importance  in digital marketing.
The future of online marketing relies on graphics. This is the case because long articles and posts fail when it comes to holding the user’s attention and nothing holds it better than a good video, an attractive infographic or gamified content. Viral Gorrrila provides creative interactive content to organizations seeking to increase engagement rates by over 6x in comparison to the engagement seen from static banners and graphics.
Use of more interactive content
In 2023 to avoid being unnoticed, the  digital marketing trend is to interact with your audience. An interaction essentially gives your audience a personalized experience and makes it come across as human. People are now more curious to share what they feel. Conducting polls, and surveys is the best way to go in terms of  data collection. It is the simplest way to give your audience exactly what they want. 

Tap into influencers and their audiences
People love  celebrities and marketers have chosen them as their spokesperson for their products or services. These social media influencers positively impact businesses by giving their honest reviews for the PR packages they receive. Influencers have become the voice of mega brands and startups as well. It is expected that businesses will employ influencer services and make influencer marketing central to digital marketing.

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