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Restaurant owners, the Covid- 19 pandemic could be considered a blessing in disguise. Have you realized that more people are now more comfortable ordering for their food online? The pandemic brought about a lot of panic and we all know how that went down. However, with all the changes, restrictions and adjustments people have had to go through, new opportunities have arisen for business owners, moreso, those in the restaurant field.
Delivery services such as Jumia, Glovo and others have seen a huge spike in their operations and overall earnings from the service they offer. You as a restaurant owner can achieve more sales through offering and marketing your delivery services too. Here are a few things you should consider for your digital marketing campaign:
1. Set up a Facebook and Instagram page where you will be posting your content
2. Post regular eye catching content such as images and videos that show what you are offering including delivery services. Ensure that the content is of high quality resolution and includes special offers
3. Promote your content especially via geotargeting to homes and offices close to your establishment
4. Carry out PPC ads on Google so that those searching for you can find you
5. Build a website

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