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Creating content is just the beginning of content marketing; creating it and promoting it is even more critical.
There are many platforms to promote your content and you should pick the best ones to reach your audience once you have defined who they are.
Some platforms to consider promoting your content on include:

Social media: share content on social channels where your audience can be found. You will be able to increase your channels of communication through this.
Forums: Find relevant forums to answer the questions related to your industry and help your audience learn more about your brand by sharing your blog articles.
Search engines: people are looking for you, help them find you via search optimization.
Email: email your subscribers and let them know what’s new with you.
Advertising: invest in social media and google ads to drive more engagement and conversion.
Influencers: one of the best ways to share content is through people. Tap into small specialized audiences through nano, micro and mega influencers.

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