How digital analytics can shape your business
Digital analytics is the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from businesses and competitors to improve the online and offline experience of the target and potential customers.
With digital analytics, marketers can evaluate the effectiveness of marketing activities. This allows marketers to identify and compare the effectiveness of marketing channels, identify ROI from activities and understand how to achieve business goals.

The importance of digital marketing analytics to your business

When  data is collected and analyzed from a number of social media platforms and digital marketing strategies it can provide significant power for a company to reach its audience.

Below are  the importance of digital analytics for your business;

Understand the buyers
Data is key to understanding how the target audience feels.
Digital marketing analytics will construct a customer demographic. It can give you a full picture of the persona you are targeting with data including details such as location, age, likes, and dislikes.Understanding this data can be of great benefit  because it will help to determine what to sell to each group enabling you to target your audience better.

Digital analytics can help a company to understand its audience and strengthen the way they market to them. Data analysis behind a campaign will help explain its performance, why, and how it was engaged with by the viewer.
After the data is processed, it could be used to help develop and enhance not just campaigns, but where it is advertised and how often it is sent. For instance, social media has more attention to a specific campaign than to a newsletter. This data can help the company save money, as one can see which networks are working and which ones to avoid.

By evaluating data, predictive analytics can be used by the company to make data driven decisions on what to sell and when. Trends will form when data is taken from customer habits. This helps the organization determine when to launch a specific product/service. Such data also helps to show how predicted trends will take shape on social media because trends can evolve rapidly and advertisers can see what their target is talking about online and can foresee patterns and trends for what would affect their next move.

In conclusion, it is important to get data analytics of campaigns with digital marketing taking a forefront in terms of reaching your clients.  Viral Gorrrila is a leading agency in Kenya, based in Nairobi. We help organizations develop their digital marketing strategies and execute social media campaigns with data driven media buying to help them achieve their desired goals through the campaigns we run.

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