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LEGAL FIRMS need digital marketing strategies for 2020-2021!

Here is why…

1. You could be going round in circles

Companies without a clear digital strategy lack well defined goals. It therefore becomes very difficult to know exactly which platforms they should use to achieve specific goals such as : customer acquisition, growth of visibility, increased engagement, easier communication with their audience and so on. Having a clear strategy will help track data and analytics in order to determine what the best course of action will be and how to tap into your desired market effectively.

2. You need the right content strategy

The legal industry seems very difficult to understand and even harder to appreciate the importance of. Simple explainer videos could be used to breakdown information about the industry into user friendly content that demystifies the industry and services offered. Other forms of content such as blogs articles, info-graphics and more can be used across different digital platforms to reach relevant audiences and drive conversion efforts.

3. New, progressive firms will eat up your market share

Firms that refuse to adopt the digital wave and work on their strategies are likely to lose their potential clients to their competitors.

4. You need to know the sentiments of your online clients

Digital platforms offer the most measurable tools for the purpose of knowing what your customer sentiments are. In addition to Google analytics which tells you how much traffic there is to your website, where your customers are coming from, how long they spend on it and what time they visit your site, there are other listening tools that can be used to determine what your customers think and feel about you, and allow you to deal with your audience accordingly for better customer experience.

5. You need to manage your online reputation

A well thought out strategy should include a plan to manage your online reputation where reviews are given. Your No.1 review portal is your Google My business page. Track and manage what people post and review before it becomes a permanent fixture on your page. A good digital strategy will factor in the customer management process to ensure a positive outcome for both the firm and its clients.

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