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Getting you a unique digital advertising campaign can be quite tasking and take a lot of time and you also must be equipped with the right competence in digital marketing to handle the analysis and structuring of the data. If you want to be identified with unique content, you will surely need to be interested in finding out the activity and poise of your competitors to keep ahead of them. You have to be competitive no matter what industry you are in as this is the only effective way to get the attention of your audience. You can spend lots of hours guessing the location of the ads of your competitors. However, there is another way. Instead of spending a lot of time keeping track of your competitors, you can use smart tools to make the whole work easier for you.


Always remember the effectiveness of social media advertising. It opens you up to different advantages and allows for the promotion of products and services of varying sizes. A lot of people make use of social media and a lot of effort has been put into gaining information about users. Social media also makes it easy to gain a lot of information about your target audience and their behavior. It’s nearly impossible to create any marketing campaign without making use of social media adverts. You and your competitors make use of social media. This is a reason why you should keep track of your competitors effort.

A quite simple method to utilize involves a tool known as Info and Ads. These steps have been created to make it easier to monitor the ads. By making use of this tool, you will be able to keep track of all the active Ads posted by the company and all the detailed information concerning the alterations made to the page such as change of name and date of creation.

How to use the tool?

  1. Open the Facebook page of your competitor (or any brand you wish to keep track of)
  2. You will find the tool Info and Ads at the bottom of the left menu
  3. Keep track of all the ads displayed by this company which you have been unable to view in your feed

Do you like the idea of taking a look at what targeting options your competitors are using? If you do, there is one more trick to try:

  1. Look out for sponsored posts in your Facebook feed
  2. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the post
  3. Click on “Why am I seeing this?”

In a new window, you will find the list of all the target audience settings being utilized by the advertiser. The good news of this tool is that it would soon be available on Instagram.



You can also keep track of the origin of your competitor’s traffic (for instance, how many people are coming from organic vs. paid search) and your top referral sites. SimilarWeb is compatible with web and mobile app analytics. The tool makes it easier for you to create personalized categories and identify competitors in a special way in comparison with other apps that only allow for viewing by each separate URL.


Semrush allows you to identify the best keywords of your competitors and sort them using search volume and see who is making use of your competitor’s content. The tool also boasts other features such as site audit, custom reports, content analyzer, and more.


The best way to know if your competitors are making use of either static or dynamic retargeting is to log into their websites and navigate through it for some time. The most popular retargeting settings are designed to attract the best users back to the site. Make sure you spend about 2 – 3 minutes on a website, navigate to several pages (especially the ones with a call to action button or with any forms). You may even fill the form halfway and leave the website without submitting it.

Dynamic retargeting is easy to unravel too. Go to the e-commerce website or any website which makes it possible to add goods to a shopping cart. Navigate through some products, add some to your cart, start filling information concerning your order and then exit the site.

That’s nice. You’ve done your best to get into the retargeting list of the site. Just keep navigating through other websites and after some time you will be provided with some retargeting ads if they are run by your competitor.

Monitoring competitors provide you with better insight than industry awareness. Checking out your competition can be an effective way to develop a solid marketing strategy while creating better content and creatives.

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