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Social media influencers probably don’t need an introduction. Their popularity seems to grow every hour and influencer marketing is on the rise as a great tactic for companies looking to build brand awareness and recruit new customers.

But can you trust every social media influencer you meet? Identifying the right social media influencers is not easy plus working with the wrong ones will eat away at your budget and give you no results.

Here is what you need to keep in mind when looking for influencers.

Protect Your Brand First

Your brand is your livelihood. Protect it. Allow it to reflect the best qualities of your customers. Those who you would want to be associated with your brand must be of the same integrity. Find influencers who are appropriate for your brand and the message you are trying to get across.

The Devil is in the details

Social media isn’t just what people are saying and doing now, it’s also a record of what they’ve said and done in the past. Brands must comb through this history, including through past or favorited posts and lesser-known aspects that may give a broader look into the competency of an influencer.


Follower count is not the only thing you need to consider when choosing influencers. Engagement is much more important and the influence one has over their following. Click-through rate is a great metric when evaluating influencers. When one posts a branded link, how many followers are bothered to actually click? The higher the rate, the more value the influencer offers.

Another thing that separates the good social media influencers from the bad is their ability to identify the needs of their audience and then deliver engaging content to them.


The quality of work is an important consideration when identifying social media influencers for your campaign. Make sure that their work is artistic and catchy. It is important to really study the influencer’s content and look at how many sponsored posts an influencer does and if they do posts on similar products very close together.

Something else you need to watch out for is over-promotion of products. If they are promoting products or brands too often they’re definitely not a good fit as over-promotion dilutes the authenticity.



Define what authenticity means to your brand. Brands need to follow influencer activities from written words through real actions and behaviors as these are interconnected. Authenticity is no longer to be measured only on what an influencer writes on social media, but it depends on what they do offline too.

When trying to identify social media influencers for your brand, you shouldn’t go by follower counts alone. Instead, do a deeper dive into the kind of followers they have, their engagement, reach and whether their values align with your brand.

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