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Marketing strategy is essential for brands who want to efficiently interact with their target audience. This strategy has to align with the preferences and interests of the brand’s target audience, and deliver strong results for each channel, whether by using social media or mobile app ads. But how can brands improve their strategy?

The main way to boost the efficiency of the ad strategy is having a clear understanding of the target audience and new trends in their behavior. As Telegram gains more popularity among users, it creates a scene for brands to include in their ad strategy.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is the messenger app that works across any device: smartphones, tablets, and computers. It allows users to send text messages, share photos, videos and files, and read useful content. As well as users using the app for communication, brands can interact with their target audiences through advertising in channels.

Telegram ads help:

  • increase audience loyalty;
  • boosts ad campaign reach;
  • help customers explore brand services and products;
  • drive engagement and so on.

What is the ‘ ad format’ about in Telegram?

Despite the new digital channel indicating its large potential to be an effective communications channel, it also has some features to be ready for. One of these features is ad formats. Brands can’t use video and banner advertising in the app. Telegram only has one advertising format — text messaging. Advertising messages on Telegram will be displayed in large public one-to-many channels with 1000+ subscribers and are limited to 160 characters.

Moreover, there is no targeting in the app. Telegram doesn’t collect or analyze user data to display ads. Instead of these, advertisers can create a white and black lists — topics or channels where ads will be shown or not. This context-based format of advertising allows the app to save a high quality of content and a high level of users engagement. So, brands should attentively choose channels and topics to drive their performance on Telegram.

Unlike other ad channels, Telegram prevents external links in sponsored messages. After users click on an advertisement, they will switch to the brands’ channel. That’s why engaging and useful content plays a significant role on Telegram as well as advertising messages. Brands can develop excellent messages for an ad campaign but with lack of quality content, ad campaigns will fail.

Why should brands use Telegram?

Being one of the most popular apps among users, Telegram is a booming platform for increased reach, engagement and opportunities for brands. However, this isn’t the only reason to include the app into ad strategy. Here are a few more:

1. A constantly growing audience and large reach. Audience of the messenger is constantly growing that lets brands communicate with a broad audience. Telegram became one of the top-5 downloaded apps worldwide and now has over 700 million monthly active users. This growth is organic — the app has never paid to advertise its messenger.

Convenient interface, large opportunities for users and safe personal data attracts more users to the app. In 2021, after the Facebook outage, 70 million new users joined Telegram in just one day.

2. The way users consume content has changed. There was a time when users watched TV and read newspapers to find out the latest news and events. Now, users have devices that allow them to consume information anytime and anywhere digitally. To stay in contact with their target audience, brands should know where their audience is and which channels are better to place their ads. Reality is that more users, now more than ever, use chats and messengers to learn about fresh news, events, read articles and so on.

Therefore, the opportunity to place ads in a new place that is relevant to the current way of content consumption is an opportunity for brands to increase the effectiveness of contact with the audience.

3. New way to advertise in cookieless future. With strict privacy policies and possibility of full refunding of cookies, brands need to find alternative and effective ways to advertise products and services to target audiences.

For telegram, the privacy and safety of their users is important, so the messenger doesn’t collect and analyze user data. So brands don’t need to use third party data for telegram targeting, they just need to choose a channel or topic to place ads.

4. Native experience for users and brands. Native interaction on Telegram allows brands to communicate with users in an efficient and seamless way, remaining in their field of vision for a long time.

In addition, there is no banner blindness on Telegram. If the topic of the channels are chosen correctly, then the message will respond and be remembered by the audience. This will help build long-term user loyalty and ultimately increase conversions and brand revenue.

The Main Features of Telegram Advertising

Using Telegram is a smart move as the channel is providing better engagement and seamless communication with the audience. But for a successful ad campaign, brands should consider that Telegram is a messenger first. Instead of scrolling feeds as on social media, users chat 1:1 in chats and follow the channels or groups to get useful and interesting information.

Content plays a crucial role in channel success. So, if a brand develops its channel, creates engaging content, as well as catchy sponsored messages, it gets a community of loyal audience and boosts performance of an ad campaign.

As mentioned above, targeting isn’t available on Telegram. So effectiveness of ad campaigns directly depends on which topics and channels brands choose to place ads. To succeed, brands should try to choose relevant topics for them. For instance, beauty brands can choose channels about makeup, cosmetics, skincare and so on.

Additionally, advertising on Telegram doesn’t drive brand revenue and conversions in a flash. Telegram ads work on engaging and improving loyalty and trust for the long term to ultimately increase conversions. So brands should be passionate and attentively track campaign results.

Despite Telegram being a promising ever-growing platform for brands with engaging audiences and different tools to get outcomes, brands can face difficulties with advertising campaigns in the messenger. The lack of an ad strategy, launching ad campaigns without any control and plan, and being unaware of the main features can lead to failure and throwing ad budgets down.

So… How to get the most out of advertising on Telegram?

Partnership with a reliable partner or agency is convenient and profitable: partners help to not only develop a smart strategy for an ad campaign but also maximize effectiveness of ad campaigns to boost brand revenue. Partners help puzzle out the key touchpoints of the ad and  make the right decision. Let’s imagine, an ad campaign has already launched, and even a brand sees its first results but… Are results good or bad? What should brands do in this case: optimize or scale the ad campaign? Partners help businesses find the answer.

In addition, partnership with advertising agencies has many advantages. Here are a few:

  • Accurate measurement. They have all necessary tools to measure effectiveness of ad campaigns. So brands will evaluate the contribution of telegram marketing to the overall results.
  • Convenient. Brands don’t need to choose the pool of channels or topics themselves because the partner will do it on his own.
  • More ad formats. Partners can offer you not only short text messages but also other forms of ad placement on Telegram.

NT Technology helps brands launch successful ad campaigns on Telegram, grab attention of the target audience at the right moment, and boost business performance.

In conclusion

As the popularity of Telegram continues to grow, more brands include the app into their marketing strategies. That’s not surprising — using the messenger for business has multiple benefits and provides an efficient tool for brands success. So it’s time for brands to look at Telegram attentively to stay in contact with their audience and stand out from their competitors.

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