Why is native advertising so popular?

Native advertising is a booming format in today’s digital marketing arena. It offers a more appealing and engaging user experience and thus it is extremely popular among marketers and brands. Keep up to the advertising trends and learn more about native ads with our little guide! 

Native advertisements match the look, feel and function of the media format they appear in. It means they merge with the website content and look like a part of editorial flow of the page. The key feature of native ads is that they are non-disruptive for the reader and therefore get more user attention.

Why to use Native Ads format in your future campaigns? Here is the answer!

It gets more user attention and increases CTR. 
Due to their in-content placement and high adaptability, native ads capture more user attention. They are viewed for the same amount of time as the site content, and are not in fact perceived as advertisements. And that is why people are more likely to click on them. According to the statistics, native ads gain 5-8x higher CTR than banners.

This format creates a positive user experience.
People like content, not ads. So, native advertisements contain information that is still relevant and useful even if its goal is selling a service or product. As such it is more likely to be shared on social media, increasing its reach and marketing potential for becoming popular.

Native Ads overcome banner blindness and bypass AdBlock.
Living in the time of advertising overload users have learned to ignore page elements that they perceive to be ads – this tendency is called banner blindness. To overcome it, the advertiser either needs to create more invasive ads or make them highly relevant. In addition, more and more people start using AdBlock to get rid of unnecessary ad content. Here any workaround is not a long-term solution if the quality of the advertising experience is poor. This is where native ads are the 100% effective solution because of their relevance and focus on customer experience. 

Numerous tests and studies can become a proof that native advertising is a promising phenomenon in digital. According to the Content Marketing Institute research, 70 percent of users would rather learn about products through content than traditional advertisements. The latest studies have also shown that native ads receive 53 percent more views than traditional display ads and increase purchase intent by 18 percent. 

Native ads worth the hype. In the time of media options explosion they have shown to be an effective approach to marketing which considers users interests and creates a positive brand image.

Article from: https://nt.technology/en/blog/why-is-native-advertising-so-popular/

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