Gaming for impact in Africa
A study in 2021 shows the number of gamers in sub-Saharan Africa currently stands at 186 million people which is an  increase from 77 million in 2015.
These figures are likely to increase in the coming years as more investment plans keep coming into Africa’s gaming industry.

Gaming in Africa is exploding and this applies  to people playing the games  and those willing to pay as well.
The gaming industry is  bringing millions of dollars for countries per year.

Developers are now adding new elements with ownership being the latest addition that allows gamers to own characters and assets within the games that  leverage blockchain technology.

There is also a new era of blockchain gaming  where gamers will still enjoy the thrill in gaming but they will not be able to directly cash-out earnings .Instead, enforced savings mechanisms have been developed to redirect the earnings towards long-term saving instruments like pension schemes, health, and education. This helps to shore up a low savings culture among youth in Africa and build up their financial resilience.

African developers are now able to develop games that will influence social and economic decisions amongst the players. Fundamental aspects about culture, education, financial literacy, health and other soft skills can be taught in a fun and engaging manner. Game development companies such as Viral Gorrrila ltd based in Kenya are using games to tell stories, influence decision making and impact change through engaging content.

Impacting change in Africa , one game at a time. 


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